Since I make mayonnaise and Caesar Dressing (later posts) in quantities, I decided to make them safer by learning how to pasteurize the eggs. It’s easy and I now pasteurize all the eggs I bring home.

Put 1 dozen eggs in a 3 quart saucepan and cover with an inch of water.  Turing on high heat, turn on a timer for 3 minutes.  When the timer goes off, put in an instant thermometer. Check every 30 seconds until it reaches 138 degrees.  Then turn off the heat, set the timer for 5 minutes and let it sit.  To finish, cover with cool water to stop the process, then let them dry and refrigerate.

You may have to adjust the timing a little up or down for the size of the eggs, temperature of the water, etc.  The eggs should not have any white when you crack them.

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