I discovered about 10 years ago that the migraines I had had since I was a teenager were caused by the food I ate.  Everything from the true grace or Poaceae family which includes wheat, corn, rice, sugar cane, barley, lemongrass and rye is a problem for me.  I have taken that as a challenge and have been diving more and more deeply into all the ingredients in everything I eat, ingest or put on my skin.

My first eliminations were the obvious sources of wheat and rye.  I also gave up the “white foods” of white rice and white sugar. Even with just that, my cholesterol dropped 100 points and my chiropractor said the inflammation in my body was greatly reduced.

About a year ago I discovered that my white blood count had dropped below normal and looking back at previous blood tests, I saw that it had been dropping for years.  At that time I became aware that the excipients or binders in just about all vitamins and prescriptions are derived from corn. Other unexpected sources of corn derived products include citric acid and distilled vinegar. Wheat alcohol is in extracts and gluten free soy sauce.

9 months after I gave up all vitamins and supplements and all products with citric acid and distilled vinegar, my white blood count was up 20% and back in the normal range.  My hair, which had been thinning, got thicker. That had led to cooking my own condiments, extracts, pickles and even mouthwash.

I continue to research ingredients and create recipes from combinations of individual single ingredients. I don’t use products with “natural flavorings” unless I find out what they are derived from.

Travel and eating out are challenges and often result in migraines but I keep looking for solutions.

I thank my family, boyfriend and friends for being initially tolerant and now supportive and enthusiastic of all that I have discovered.


I am an artist from Southern California. I live in Dana Point, near the ocean, and I create public art sculptures throughout the country as well as smaller works and paintings. The photography in the blog is my own. Inspired by my walks and hikes at the beach and in the surrounding hills and renewed by yoga, this blog is to share my recipes with my wonderful family, friends, and anyone who happens upon it. If you want to see my art, there are links to my art blog and website and other places I show my work.